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Renaissance invites you to think about the process of growing back or regenerating after a period of loss or damage. It suggests the idea of new growth and renewal that is fueled by the energy released during the period of change.

We see this in the world today. Abandoned cities after a catastrophe where nature claims the territory invading buildings and cracking structures. Or in a more intimate way, the energy that drives us to recover and rebuild after a loss.

Renaissance always propels life forward, overcoming destruction. Without destruction, there is no room for new life.

Motivation It’s all about two main concepts: Energy and transformation.

The idea that life prevails even after the worst catastrophes made me imagine a scenario where a new form of life could emerge over the ruins and chaos, fueled by an enigmatic source of energy.

The science fiction lover in me began to imagine an alien world where strange pseudo-organic forms started to emerge from the remnants of an abandoned structure, pushed forward by some mysterious energy source.

On the other hand the romantic guy in me thinks of it as a regeneration period after a loss fueled by energy and motivation. A chaotic period full of emotions and encountered feelings.

Aesthetics Renaissance is a collection where experimentation with light and movement has guided the creative process. An exploration of a visual territory where light and composition serve the initial concept: Energy and transformation.

A convoluted system of pseudo-organic forms emerging over a more rigid and artificial structure represents the transformation, or the duality of destruction and life.

Saturated colors, flash lights, and high contrast are used to illustrate the concept of energy driving and feeding the whole system.

A composition where the strength lies in the light and the movement, enhances the idea of a world that is alive and constantly changing and regenerating.

Through the creation of a pseudo-abstract work, the viewer is invited to envision various scenarios where transformation takes place: Science-fiction universes, unconventional architectural forms, or even fantastical botanical landscapes.

Animation The animation has been added to enhance the rendering process of the final piece. It adds context to the work by presenting the transformation process in two phases: the creation of a chaotic state that gradually becomes organized and culminates in a final explosion of light and color to celebrate the emergence of a new life.

Non deterministic variations In this project, the possibility for the viewer to interact with the artwork and generate non-deterministic variations is added.

While the initial output is always the same, double-clicking or pressing 'R' reconstructs the piece by randomly modifying certain aspects of how the process of emergence occurs.

This offers an opportunity to explore the algorithm within the scope of the minted piece, engaging the audience in the process of discovery and experimentation.

I'm pleased to share with the viewer the feeling of exploration and discovery that artists experience when creating our collections.

Final words The title 'Renaissance' means regeneration or being born again, but it also connects us with a period in history where there was a renewed interest in art and a burst of creativity. In a way, we are experiencing a second renaissance, this time focused on digital art.

This collection aims to awaken the curiosity and imagination of the viewer, making them wonder: What is happening here? and hopefully communicate a positive message: There’s a new life when you find the energy and motivation.

By adding non-deterministic variations, the viewer is encouraged to interact and better appreciate the beauty of the created artwork, making them part of the creation process.

I hope you enjoy Renaissance.

License: CC BY 4.0
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